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I can only hope and pray that people don’t answer this violence with more violence.

You know, I wish Whites would quit demanding that Blacks remain, nice, quiet and calm in the face of your perpetual violence towards us.

My parents taught me when I was preschool age, “Don’t wanna take a lick? Don’t pass a lick!”

You know what has dragged White people the meagre length you all have come on racial issues? Fear. Fear, plain and simple. Fear that those protesting darkies will start doing MORE than marching, singing and sitting in if those Civil Rights bills don’t get passed in DC. Fear that you noticed some of them already giving up on non-violent resistance and that sentiment will spread, especially in the cities and in the North where racism and Jim Crow played out differently than in the rural South.

But the niggers have been relatively quiet since then. Only one major riot since the 60s and 70s. So now you all think we’re a bunch of punks and you can slowly bring back the pseudo-slavery that was Jim Crow in a much more sneaky and conniving way through the back window under cover of night.

So maybe we SHOULD start meeting violence with violence because it seems to be the only language you all understand, that and seeing your money gone. You haven’t gotten the message that “Black people are human” that we’ve been trying to drum into your willfully ignorant brains for 400 years (that’s for CENTURIES, guys) via persuasion, reasonable discourse and yes, even minding our “tone” and talking all nice-nice to you about race. But you DO seem to react to “Those niggers’ll kill you if you fuck with them, so DON’T!”

I’m not even angry anymore so much as depressingly frustrated. I’m coming to see that making Whites a big part of our racial uplift as Black people is a huge mistake. You will retard our progress immeasurably. You will be a millstone around our necks, an anchor dragging us down and greatly hampering our efforts. We will always have to stop and continually explain the same basic, Racism 101 stuff to you over and over again. We will have to make sure you constantly feel good about yourselves. We will have to Mammy you throughout the whole journey. We will have to drag you, kicking and screaming, every millimeter of the way. And quite frankly, it ain’t worth it. You are not worth all this energy and toil.

You all see racial harmony and progress as us getting along with YOU. As those pesky colored stopping being so, well, COLORED, and at least striving to be just like you because you all don’t seem to be able to deal with anyone not just like you. We should continue trying to convince YOU to love us and let us into your clubhouse. I bet you all can’t even imagine racial progress movements without you involved if not at the center of them. It should always be about “How can we get White folks to love us?” instead of “How can be best isolate and protect ourselves from White violence, individual AND institutional?” The latter basically is about REMOVING you from the equation like isolating a disease or cancerous tissue in a body. And more and more, I think people of color would have more success with the latter than the former. We’d definitely have more control over the latter than the former.

My frustration comes from looking at my own life. I’ve spent about 25 years of my life trying to get Whites to understand that my Black ass had just as much value and worth as their pasty ones. The miserable return I’ve gotten on the incredible investment I’ve made in terms of emotional, psychological and physical safety of putting myself out there has thoroughly discouraged me. And yes, I was nice, reasonable, watched my tone only to encounter stopped ears that didn’t want to listen. I learn that it doesn’t matter how the message is delivered if it’s unwanted from the get go.

When you all exhort Blacks not to return violence for the violence you continually bestow upon us, you’re telling us you want to continue dealing out licks without having to take any. Like I said, I learned differently. If I wanted to go around being violent to people, being an asshole to folks, well, I cannot be at all surprised or shocked when I get some of that treatment back if in nothing more as the other party defending themselves against my actions. Whites don’t want any negative consequences for the bullshit they continually, unthinkingly put out there. Sorry, that is WAY too much to be asking of your fellow humans. Blacks are not gods nor saints. And we do not have some greater or higher moral obligation to continue taking slaps in the face without dealing out a few punches ourselves.

What you’re seeing more and more of from people of color is that simply, we’re past sick and tired of your shenanigans. More and more of us are simply giving up on White people as anything more than oppressors. We’re giving up trying to build coalitions with you because the vast majority of them end in massive racefail on your parts. We’re even giving up TALKING to you all about race online because that is an ordeal. White folks in America obviously think they can go it alone without anyone’s help. Good luck with that.

Now, I bet I’m going to get a lot of White whine basically trying to convince people of color, especially Blacks, to continue to focus on, include and center Whites in our racial struggles. I’m going hear about all the “good White folk” that were nice to us ungrateful darkies over the years. I want to point out the ratio of “good White folk” (and how are we even defining that? Too many Whites want that moniker simply for not having called a Black person a nigger that day) versus all the other White folk, most of whom were NOT neo-Nazis or Klansmen, but everyday White people. White people who saw themselves as good, decent, Christian folk even as they raped slaves, or beat and punished their female slaves for being raped (as many White women did in the antebellum South) saying that they were sluts who lured pure, innocent White men into iniquity even though they were barely 13 and their rapist may have been old enough to be their grandfather. Whites who saw themselves as upstanding even as they smilingly posed for pictures under a lynched, Black body. Whites who believed they were the salt of the earth even as they held and hurled the bile that was in their hearts. As is the case today.

But, day by day, your case is wearing more and more thin. The record of modern progressive Whites in dismantling White supremacist racism has been pitiful compared to those of the past you all love to compare yourselves to and you’re being asked to do a LOT less than what those folks have risked.

We are not a people of infinite patience. And them shits are running out fast for you all.

I take it back. I AM angry, sad and frustrated as all hell! But I mean every damn word I wrote here.

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I want to talk about what it’s like to be a black woman in Amerikkka. Because apparently, mothafuckas STILL. DON’T. GET IT.

I want to talk about how we are expected to be the beasts of burden for not just black men, not just whiteness, but for ALL people.

I want to talk about how, despite the fact that we are apparently in the forefront of racial discussions, our issues are largely ignored by the greater racial discourse.

I want to talk about how we black women are expected to be the gatekeepers for legitimizing other POC’s racial discourses, and how when we don’t jump right on the bandwagon, or call out other POC’s mess, we get reduced to being the “mean ol black bitches.”

I want to talk about the MASSIVE rejection of ANY blackness whatsoever by other POC. Because of course, the only thing a black woman can give is a nigger baby. And nobody wants nigger babies from nigger wombs.

I want to talk about the history of NEVER being welcome in this country, and having absolutely no “home” to return.

I want to talk about the dual hypersexualization and desexualization of the black woman. Because apparently, we are sex the moment we are born, but by the scourge of blackness, there is nothing valuable about our pussy.

Because being a black woman means you are nothing. You are literally the opposite of whiteness, which is all that is good and pure and right. You are wrong and tainted and bad. You are undeserving.

Generations of black women who have endured, never being allowed to be vulnerable, never being allowed to fight back, never being allowed to say “I am SO FUCKING DONE” without SOMEBODY coming in and telling them that they aren’t doing it right, that they aren’t being nice enough, that they aren’t staying in their place.

I am not allowed to cry. I am not allowed to hurt. I am not allowed to feel. I am not allowed, even though I am crumbling into dust, I am not allowed.

This is pretty much where I'm at now

From Sourcedumal's Tumblr:

I am so done with all this shit.
This will be essentialist as fuck, but fuck it, because in the end, NOBODY looks out for black women. Not black men, not other people of color, and sure as hell not white people.

So quite frankly, black women should refrain from giving ANY fucking support whatsoever to any type of “movement” that isn’t directly related to elevating them and only them.

I’m talking fuck your slut walks. I’m talking fuck any feminist organization that isn’t specifically giving directly to black women first and foremost. I’m talking fuck any movie maker/tv show producer that isn’t pushing black women as #1 priority.

Black women, get selfish as fuck. If there’s nothing in it directly for you, it’s not worth your time. Fuck this “well, indirectly, it’ll affect us ALL” nonsense. If black women don’t come out on top, it is not worth our time, and absolutely no effort should be made on our part to support it.

We’ve had enough of being the mule of the world. It’s time to give it a nice hard kick in the face and make it work in our favor.


As an e-friend of mine pointed out, "You see white women don't
have any qualms about doing the same for them and then trying to
qualify it as feminism."

Writer's Block: Upon further review

If you could go back and change one event in your life (or un-say one thing you wish you'd never said), what would you choose, and why?

There are many, but, for the first one, I'd have gone to Harvard or Stanford instead of Midwest college closer to Chicago, where I'm from. I think I would have learned independence a lot earlier and wouldn't have been so damn fearful of the world and insecure about my ability to cope. Plus, less likely I would have returned to Chicago and my shitty family after graduation.

Jun. 18th, 2011

I'm feeling good because I bought myself some pretties last night. I got four fashion necklaces, a vintage, 1960s hat and a nice purse for under $100 total. My nails look nice and manicured with all twenty digits painted (fingers in Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear in Carribean Coral and toes in Sinful Colors Mint Apple). I'm desperately trying to keep my fingernails from breaking. Had a few close calls though. And they're not that long at all. Now I've got a cute outfit with neat accessories to wear to dinner at my BIL's. His stepdaughter is having a birthday and has invited her boyfriend who is half Ethiopian and half Indian and his parents. I believe my husband, BIL's brother, and I were invited to show that they knew at least ONE person of color (even if it's because my husband insists on marrying Black women). Yeah, I really do think we were invited to show off to dude and his parents.

Hollowstone: The Official Release

Originally posted by neo_prodigy at Hollowstone: The Official Release

Hello. My name is Dennis R. Upkins and today is the official release of my debut novel, Hollowstone. The book is kinda awesome if I do say so myself, and I'd like for you to check it out.

Life for Noah Scott changes drastically when he is accepted to Hollowstone Academy, one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country set in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee. Within the hallowed halls of the illustrious school, Noah soon discovers that the world of the privileged is rife with social hierarchies, politics, depravity and corruption. It is also there that Noah meets his roommate and best friend, the charming and enigmatic Caleb Warner. 
Tragedy soon strikes when Cal is brutally murdered in a hold-up. But when Noah is haunted by Cal’s ghost, he soon discovers that the random act of violence was in fact a premeditated one. Determined to uncover the truth and find Cal’s killer, Noah soon finds that the school and its patrons have more than their share of secrets. Secrets they are willing to preserve at any cost. Noah also quickly learns that greater supernatural forces are at play. In a race against time, Noah must solve Cal’s murder before he’s the killer’s next victim.

You can check out the official trailer below:

So why should you pick up Hollowstone?

Here are 12 reasons why I think you'll want to grab the novel.

In many respects it's a modern day retelling/homage to the Great Gatsby with a Southern Gothic twist. But more than that, the story features both POCs and queer characters in leading and compelling roles. In fact, of the three main characters, one is a young black male while the other is a bisexual female teen. And for marginalized readers, we know all too well the dearth of stories that feature us with respect.

Characters welcome, this is a profile on the players of Hollowstone. And just to get you even more intrigued, check out an excerpt from the novel.

But wait! There's more!

As part of promoting the novel, I'm in the middle of a virtual book tour. Not only have I had the distinct pleasure and honor of answering questions about Hollowstone and becoming a published author, but I've also had the privilege of writing a series of guest posts about why diversity in the media matters and why representation affects real life.

Hollowstone is available now in paperback and Kindle on Amazon. It's also available in other ebook formats at Parker Publishing. You can find me at my author page on Amazon, Goodreads and my official website.

Hollowstone, it's out now. Grab it today. Tell your friends. I think you'll like. It's an awesome story. Granted, I could be a bit biased. Maybe....just a little. ;-)

Originally posted by karnythia at Of Fairy Wings And Glittering Crowns (Crowdfunded Fiction)
As some of you already know a few months ago we packed up and moved to Memphis. On paper it was a good plan. In execution...well, we wound up in an apartment where the floors slope at an angle so steep nothing on wheels can stay in place. One of the bedrooms has a hole in ceiling big enough to stick my arm through that we've been trying to get fixed since the week we moved in. And then there's the roach problem (complete with a nest inside the dishwasher), which...let's just say that we landed with the worst landlord possible and he shows no signs of getting better. Fortunately our lease is month to month. Unfortunately, having been here for the last six weeks we have discovered that we don't like Memphis. At all.

We're a family of walkers and Memphis is not pedestrian friendly in the slightest. We do have access to a car, but we hate having to drive everywhere. The kids were excited in the beginning, but between the apartment issues and the lack of playmates at any of the parks (it is too hot to play outside and the pools aren't open yet) they're miserable. We'd rather cut our losses now, instead of moving into another apartment in a city that we don't love in the first place. It doesn't help that having attracted the attention of the Cult of The Fetus (aka Jill Stanek & her followers) a few weeks ago, I don't feel super safe here. As silly as it may sound we're ready to head back to Chicago and accept that we are really Chicago kids. But, the expenses of moving down here mean we don't have enough cash to pay bills here, find a new place, and afford all the attendant costs of reworking our lives all over again. In theory we would eventually earn enough to swing it, but that would mean being here for months and we really don't want to do that.

So, I'm offering up a YA novel Of Fairy Wings And Glittering Crowns to be written in 60 days and posted chapter by chapter at Atypical Princess. I'll be posting the plot synopsis and character sketches today with an eye towards posting the first chapter tomorrow. There's a Chip In widget below that's not quite accurate (I got a couple of donations yesterday), but will still provide a way for folks to keep track of our goal. If you can't donate I still want you to read, after all what's the point of fiction if you can't share it? All I ask is that if you like it, you link it to your friends and family for their perusal. Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I plan to enjoy writing it.

Selena Newly grew up in a family that took the fun out of dysfunctional. Sharing a house with a mother that never wanted her, aunts who detest each other, and a grandmother that has them all at the mercy of her purse strings hasn't exactly made for an idyllic childhood. In fact it has left her yearning for adulthood since she was old enough to walk. The day her mother throws her out is the best and worst day of her life. She is free, but she has nowhere to go, and no idea how she's going to support herself. When the door into Altanur opens it seems like the answer to all her childhood prayers. Her family isn't really her family, and she's a fairy princess. Unfortunately she's about to learn the hard way that everything has a price, and sometimes that price may be too high.

I'm blogging across two platforms. Feel free to comment here or there. You decide!

what's going on with "tulpa" right now

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Let all your LJ followers know that Tulpa, or Anne&Me will be debuting here in NYC at the Robert Moss Theater (440 Studios) on June 2 at 6pm, June 3 at 4pm, June 16 at 8pm, and June 19 at 8:15pm.

You can buy your tickets now by going to https://www.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/822145.

Each show will be followed by a brief post-show discussion. Please come, watch, and share.

If you can’t make it to the show, consider supporting Tulpa by donating the price of a ticket ($18) to Crossroads Theatre Project by visiting https://www.fracturedatlas.org/donate/3503 or clicking on the Fractured Atlas button below:

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